Monday, December 27, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday - My favorite posts

Top Ten {Tuesday}

For this last Top Ten Tuesday of 2010, I wanted to share with you my favorite posts of the year. (AKA - the lazy blogger's answer to a new TTT post :)

1. Rhythm. Not Balance
Always a great reminder that instead of trying to balance everything in our life, we need to get in the right rhythm.

2. Gander's Generosity
When horrors were happening in the USA on September 11, a wealth of generosity was happening in Gander, Canada. This will revive your hope in humanity.

3. Teacher Gifts
Bookmark this post! As a teacher of almost 10 years, these are tried and true!

4. Alternative Easter Egg Hunts
Another one you'll want to bookmark for Easter in a few months. Use my ideas (and leave me some ideas in the comments!) to spice up your traditional egg hunts.

5. Jesus is on His way
Great reminder that whatever you may be waiting on, Jesus hasn't forgotten about you.

6. Garage Sale Tips
I can't even think about garage sales yet as we have snow in Atlanta! But this is another one you may want to bookmark for when the weather warms up and you're wanting to get rid of some "treasures".

7. Dating Diaries
One of my many tales from the dating world.

8. Fractured Fairy Tales
If you're life hasn't been the fairy tale you've hoped it would be, I hope this offers you some encouragement.

9. Mail
This was one of my favorite ideas, but it flopped. I'd still be happy to do it if anyone's interested. Who doesn't love getting mail?!

10. Saving for Christmas
Please, do this starting now! It will save you so much headache and worry when it comes around to Christmas next year. This has been one of the smartest things I've ever done!

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Kathy@House of Hills said...

Planning on doing #10 this year. We were OUT OF CONTROL in 2010. Trying to go to cash only in 2011. Pray for us...

Leigh said...

Love your mail idea! I have two friends whom I intentionally correspond with by mail instead of Facebook or email and it is so fun. How about we exchange addresses at Blissdom?

Momma to the B.M.C. Crew said...

I LOVE this post! I have three boys and I LOVED all the teacher gift ideas! The mail idea is awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

Jenn said...

Such a fun recap! I think I'm going to skip recapping 2010 because it was not my fav year. 2011 is looking promising already though!! happy new year friend!!

Anonymous said...


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