Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Bloggy Recap

Jo-Lynne is hosting her annual Blog Recap Carnival.  Follow with me, if you will, as I recap my year according to my blog!

It's back to work for me today in a new year!
{and sadly enough it's back to work in a few days again}

Wow...what a weekend!
{aren't you dying to know what i did that weekend?  go it!}

In the age of email, twitter, blogging, and some other social media that's yet to be invented it seems like snail mail is a lost art.
 {this was a great idea...but an utter failure.  hey, i'm still game for it!}

One of my New Year's resolutions is to my pantry!
 {ahhh, those new year's resolutions.  didn't quite follow through here}

This weekend, I helped my sister with her neighborhood garage sale.
{i'm sharing my wealth of knowledge of garage sales with you}

This pretty much sums up my week.
 {this was a good thing!}

Here's what I stumbled this week.
 {some good stumbled posts}

Dating is not easy.
 {oh my...tales from my dating adventures}

It always seems that most of the posts I stumble tend to be food! 
 {some more stumbled posts...all about food!}

Back in February, I got to attend the Blissdom blogging conference.
 {one of the perks of going to blissdom!}

One of the things I hate about being single and not having kids is I don't get to send out photo Christmas cards until a couple of years ago.
 {thank you shutterfly, for providing my christmas cards!}

Welcome to my home!
 {this is what my home looked like...until i just took them all down tonight.  so sad}


JanMary @ said...

Thanks for sharing you year and your blog :)

Happy New Year from N Ireland.

thedomesticfringe said...

It is sad to take down all the Christmas decorations.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

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