Monday, October 04, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday - Shower Hostess Gifts

A friend of mine messaged me the other day asking for some advice on what to get for some girls that are throwing her a shower.  She needed something cheap because she has 8 to get.  As I was thinking of some ideas, I realized my message back to her was turning into a blog post!
So now, I wanted to share those ideas with you!
 *PINS: I LOVE the Posie Pins from The Pleated Poppy.

*MIRRORS: These little mirrors would be cute paired with a lip gloss.

*COFFEE CUP KOOZIE: (not as trashy as it sounds!!) These are cute and would be fun paired with a $5 Starbucks gift card. There's lots of different patterns, too.

*ORNAMENT: Depending on when your showers are, a Christmas ornament (not a Santa head or anything!) would be nice because then when they hang it up every year, they'll think of you :)

*FRAME: I know frames can be overrated sometimes, but a cute frame with a handwritten note from you would be so sweet.

*When I did my sister's baby shower, she got me and the other girls a magazine subscription. There are some websites that have cheap magazine subscriptions. She gave us a list beforehand to let us pick which one we wanted. Every month when that magazine came, it reminded me of who gave it to me.

*Anything from Crate & Barrell!! I love how they have a lot of plain, white stuff because it's so easy to dress it it's cheap!
       -containers: These would be cute with a little ribbon around it and maybe some matching colored candy inside.

      -or these little bowls. they come in different colors.

*VERA BRADLEY - They're sale stuff is pretty cheap. Here's some cute things under $10. (None of the pictures would copy...sorry!)
    -Zip ID Case  -Clip Zip ID  -Charmed Pouch   -Coin Purse

*CHARMING CHARLIE - Please tell me you have a Charming Charlie!  It's an accessory store on overload.  I have to admit that it's overstimulating the first time you walk in, but after's just plain addicting!  The bonus is that most of their stuff is very reasonably priced.

*And...well...I could only think of 9.  What would YOU suggest??

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Just Stuff said...

oh! how i wish there was a charming charlie's in central IN! that place looks A.MAZ.ING!!!

i really like the magazine subcription! that's a great idea!

oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

I still look adoringly at my posy. It's the cutest thing.

mandi@itscome2this said...

A Side of Peaches of Course!!!

Courtney said...

love 'em! glad i could help out with your next blog post :). I think i'm gonna go with a couple airtight jars with homemade hot choc and spiced tea mixes in them. perfect for fall and perfect for a tight budget! this baby ain't cheap and she's not even here yet :).

mama hall said...

Lovely ideas! I'm always trying to come up with inexpensive but sweet gifts. A friend once gave me Aveda hand lotion and foot lotion...which I loved!! :) Great list. (I found u @ ohamanda)

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