Tuesday, September 21, 2010

God's Design

This post is mature in nature. Fair warning!
About 6 months ago, we wrapped up a series at church called Lovers. It was virtually a series on sex...got your attention now? I strongly encourage you to go check it out here.

The series really gripped me. While I'm not married or dating anyone, it spoke to me so deeply.

[I'm going to get pretty transparent here]

I am a 33 year old virgin. (Yes, we do exist). However, my thoughts and actions haven't always been as pure as I would have liked for them to be and I justified things because I wasn't having sex. That's the important thing right? [cough, cough]

Of course there are some things I regret, but I know I serve a God who has long forgiven me for those things the moment I confessed them.

But then I heard something that put it all into perspective.

[Get ready...here comes the "mature" stuff!]

When God created us, he hardwired our brains (literally) to be physically matched with one person. Meaning when we experience sexual release (the big "O"...can you believe we talked about this in church?!) our brains are hardwired, linked, connected to that person.  However, when we experience that with someone (or something) other than our spouse, our brain does the exact same thing but it connects to the act...not a person. This is why affairs, pornography, etc are so addicting because you begin chasing the act, not a person. The experience, not your spouse, is imprinted in your brain.

God's way is so much better than the short term, temporary pleasures.  Thank you God for your design.  Your good and perfect design!


Leigh said...

Virgins unite! :) I remember the trepidation I felt when I posted about that on my blog so kudos to you for your vulnerability. That's awesome that your church is being so transparent and open about this topic.

The Diaper Diaries said...

Wow Staci- I love that idea. I am totally using that idea of connecting to the act not the person in marriage prep. Very, very powerful.

And a very brave post. Nice work.

Lauren said...

Staci, we are alike in more ways than you will EVER know!!!!!! I so wish we lived closer together so we can chat over a good cup of coffee!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Came across your blog today & it SO resonates with me - I a 30 year old virgin waiting on God for my man:-) I love your church's transparency and not being afraid to go 'there'.Love you blog!

Amy Bennett said...

I have never heard this connection thing before but am very intrigued. Did they cite references? Is this a theory? Proven fact? So curious!

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