Thursday, July 08, 2010

Flashback Week

Moving on through the portals of time...

Today's flashback is a doozie!

This was my best friend's 16th birthday party.  We got all dressed (in dresses we found in the attic of our lie) and went downtown to eat.

Sooooo many things worth commenting on in this picture.  We'll start left to right...
  • This is yours truly.  Oh to be that skinny again!  The sleeves are so big and puffy I'm surprised I didn't take flight!  The hair...really?  I couldn't have done something with it?
  • In the middle is Amanda.  Please notice her hemline...the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  The white hose that perfectly match the white complexion of ALL of us!  But I think the wide rimmed glasses top it all off!
  • Finally there's Mandi.  The hairstyle is out of this world.  I need to get the name of that hairdresser!  Her and Amanda must have gone eye glass shopping together.  But the classiness is the brown hose with cream shoes!  
Ahh...we were stylin'!  Scroll down to see more Flashbacks and don't worry...there's still more to come!


oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

Thank you for this. I am breathtaking.

The Messy Mom said...

YOWZA! That is a doozie. You are all lovely ladies. I just want to know why there were prom dresses in the church attic?

Christine (iDreamofClean) said...

laughing. hysterically!!

seriously made my day :-)

Anonymous said...

I had been arguing with my close friend on this issue for quite a while, base on your ideas prove that I am right, let me show him your webpage then I am sure it must make him buy me a drink, lol, thanks.

- Kris

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