Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Flashback Week

We are half-way through Flashback Week here at Simply Staci.  Scroll down to see the other days you've missed.  You'll be glad you did!

This picture is very sentimental to me.  We were at our youth group's Back-to-School retreat.  From left to right the girls are Mandi, Amanda, and me.  The man is Matt Willetts.  He was our church's associate pastor. 

Matt was not at our church very long, but in the short time he was, he took the 3 of us under his wing.  He was probably the funniest man I've ever met, and had us laughing all the time!  Matt passed away about 4 months later from cancer.  I think about him often and miss him deeply.

But I remember him every year on his birthday, March 4, because he said it was the one day soldiers hated..."march forth!"

More Flashbacks to come!

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