Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Things I'm Thinking About This Moment

It's 9:06 on Wednesday night.  I want to update my blog, but nothing's coming.

My mind is flowing with random thoughts.  Most of them are impending to-do lists that I have pushed back and back and they're all about to come to a head.

Here's a few things that are on my mind:

  • Fantasia is on American Idol.  I don't like her.  Don't like her pants, her voice...none of it.
  • Want to try and get to The Container Store this weekend to get some stuff to organize my pantry.
  • Need to catch up on some reviews.  Need to write a disclosure policy.  Any advice?
  • 7 more days of school!
  • Wondering why my date last Friday didn't get back with me.  Thought we had a good time.
  • Have printed off i Dream of Clean's Spring Cleaning plan...need to DO IT!
  • Dad informed me I should get my tires rotated.  Need to make that appointment.
And so you can tell that my life is one big exciting mixture of "shoulda-coulda-woulda".

Come back for more!


    Lauren Kelly said...

    A date??? I need details!! Ha!! :)

    Lauren Kelly said...

    A date??? I need details!! Ha!! :)

    mom said...

    You mean you are letting me see something you posted about a date!! THANK YOU

    He's "nuts" if he doesn't call or he is just not the right one.

    Love, mom

    Lucy said...

    I still have never been to The Container Store. I think I will love that place.

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