Friday, April 30, 2010

Saving for Christmas

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I'm in desperate need of these money saving tips this week and I've found some great ones. I don't really have a whole lot to add, but this one little tip has been my LIFESAVER!

And it comes from something my pastor said during a series he did called Rethink Money. He was talking about how we all tend to go in debt shopping for Christmas gifts. What he said about Christmas was so simple but so profound.

"Guess what? It comes every December 25...without fail. Why do we let it sneak up on us? Start saving for it!"

So that's what I've done for the last 3 years now and I can't tell you the sense of peace I have when Christmas rolls around knowing I have ALL the money I need to pay for everything.

Here's whatcha do:

1. Decide who you're buying for and the amount you're going to spend on them.

2. Add it all up.

3. Divide by 12 (or however many months there are until Christmas. I always do it in December so I have a year to save)

4. Then I take that amount, in cash, from my paycheck and stash it each month. I know...real high tech. But having the cash forces me to stay on budget.

5. When December rolls around, I have no fret or fear of "how to pay for Christmas?" because it's all planned out.

6. More importantly, when January rolls guilt! Because there's NO credit bills coming in! Woo-hoo!

I have tweaked it over the years and now I also include money for all the parties where I have to bring a dish and gifts/money I give to charities. Change it to fit your needs.

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Robin said...

That is such a simple tip....but FANTASTIC! Why didn't I think of doing that? I am going to start doing that now!


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