Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday Favorites - Skyping

I've recently gotten into Skyping.

And it's all down hill from there!!

I skype with my 1 year old niece and 4 year old nephew while their mom cooks dinner. They just think it's hilarious!

Then I get sucked into late night chats with these fabulous ladies:
Mandi from Its Come 2 This
Amanda from OhAmanda
Becky from The Violet Fig
Jill from Diaper Diaries
Jessie from Vanderbilt Wife
Tricia from Once a Month Mom
Jen from 4tunate
Christine from i Dream of Clean

We all met at Blissdom and instantly clicked! We spend many a late nights laughing our heads off!

For more FF, go visit Hillary at The Other Mama.


melkel said...

great way to kit with family and friends!! :) cute pic of you, shan, and lisa

The Diaper Diaries said...

Heck ya!!! Wish I could stick an emotican on here!!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Gotta love skype. We are having a girls night tomorrow night and our good friend who moved out to Cali is going to join us by skype!! Great invention if you ask me :)

Michelle said...

Blissdom sounds like fun.

Some of the Christian concerts I've been to are Third Day, Chris Tomlin & Matt Redman. There are others that escape me at the moment.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Messy Mommy said...

I totally love how you have a "club" with other bloggers. So cool!

Christine (iDreamofClean) said...

Cracking up at Jill's comment!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Y'all are hilarious and I want in on the fun!!

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