Wednesday, March 03, 2010


In the age of email, twitter, blogging, and some other social media that's yet to be invented it seems like snail mail is a lost art.

There's nothing like opening that mailbox and in the midst of bills and junk finding a handwritten letter! It just kind of puts a little spark in your day.

I got inspired with an idea after reading Kelly's (one of my favorite bloggers) post on snail mail. Then I read this post by Scribbit (another favorite blogger!) about card making.

It's all coming together!

I want to send YOU a handwritten letter! That's right! This will work because I only have like 10 people who read my blog! But I'd like to reach more than just 10, so feel free to blog this, tweet it, facebook it, whatever else you want to do.

If you want me to send you (or someone you know who might need it) a letter, send me your address by:

  • email me (on my About Me page)
  • send me a message on facebook
  • DM me on twitter
Get ready! 'Bout to start a snail mail revolution!


thediaperdiaries said...

Love this idea!!!

Andrew said...

I’m certain more than 10 people read your blog. Although it’s often catered to girly stuff :), I like to see what new discovery and/or adventure you’ve stumbled upon. I think your letter writing will be a surprise blessing to the folks fortunate enough to receive one. Good luck!

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