Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rhythm. Not Balance.

We've all heard it over and over...

"Find balance"

This Sunday, I learned that we DON'T need balance! We need RHYTHM!

{Don't you just love it when God shows you something in a new way?!}

Here's what it means.

If our life is represented by this pie chart,
then each piece represents a section of our life: work, family, friendships, faith, etc...whatever the pieces are of your life.

According to this chart then, we could only devote about 25% of ourselves to each section.

Do you want to give your family only 25% of yourself?

No! That's why we need rhythm..not balance. Balance says that all of those pieces are going on at the same time and we are wearing ourselves out trying to be all of ourselves to all of the pieces.

Rhythm says that there is an ebb and flow to life. Focus on one thing at a time. In other words, when you're at work, be there! In every sense of the word. Do your best, work your hardest, put your all into it...

...but then be done with it! You DON'T have to finish it all in one day! Leave it!

Then when you go home, be there! In every sense of the word. Give your family your undivided attention, make dinner, wash clothes, do homework with the kids, whatever that looks like for you. Don't bring your work home.

A life in rhythm focuses on one thing at a time.

Go here to more about living a life in RHYTHM!


Lauren Kelly said...

WOW.... this was just great and had me feeling convicted!!! But in a good way!!!

Mandi @ It's come to this said...

SO true!! And yes, I love when you hear something different even though you've heard the same message before!! I loved the part about not having god 1st, family 2nd, work 3rd etc. But again, have rhythm and let your priority be what you're doing!!

mom said...

SO TRUE - What a great way to explain it!!!

Jayme said...

So true! Thanks, Staci!

Megan said...

Now a follower.... saw your post ont the FB BlissDom page.

I AM SOOOOO EXCITED for BlissDom! (Here's the catch..I don't have a ticket yet.) Sending up TONS of prayer that more will be released.

I'd love to meet you!

Kat said...

That is wisdom!

Anonymous said...
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QuatroMama said...

This is good stuff, Staci! So glad Mandi shared this link with me! Bless your sweet heart!

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