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Friday, April 24, 2009


Apparently I like lists.

I've got 2 garage sales coming up so I've been doing some major cleaning out. I'm a typically neat person and don't really hang on to much...unless it's sentimental. Then I have a hard time getting rid of it.

So I came across this notebook that I used when I was packing for a trip. I think the reason this notebook came to be was because on a back to school retreat in youth group, I forgot my bag of toiletries/cosmetics!! Yes, I was on a weekend trip with no make-up, shampoo, conditioner...pretty much everything in my bathroom! Thankfully, everyone pitched in to help, but after that I started making lists.

So what I would do is write where I was going at the top and the date. Don't really know why I did this, but kinda glad I did, now! Then, aside from clothes, I would make a list of e-v-e-r-y little thing I needed.

In cleaning out this notebook, I honestly had a hard time throwing it out. So before I threw it out, I ripped out a few of the trips that stood out to me and scanned them. Now I've got 'em forever!! It was neat to look back at the lists and see the things on them and remember the trip itself.

This was our back to school retreat for the coolest middle school group ever! What's funny to me on this list is that I have "salt" and "tye dye kit". I remember dyeing 40 something t-shirts in the bathtub of the hotel, but I have no idea what the salt was for.

This was a trip to Disney World! Nuff said! I'm a little concerned, though, that "toothbrush" isn't crossed off. Did I forget it?!?!

Oh, now this was the trip of a lifetime! A cruise to Hawaii!!

This was a trip to I Fest, an international puppet festival. I was on a puppet team in high school and we got asked to compete at this international festival. The performance was a disaster! Literally. Everything that could've gone wrong, did go wrong...including having the stage fall down! BUT, it still was a fun trip and only now, almost 10 years later, can we all laugh about it!

This was another once in a lifetime trips. I actually went to the Miss America pageant! My friend, Stephanie, was in it as Miss TN. Stephanie went to Lee with me and we were in the same sorority. Now that was a fun trip! Several of us from the sorority made the road trip from TN to Atlantic City...ouch! Notice on my list that "ticket" has a box around it. Didn't wanna forget that! The pageant was right after 9/11. Security was tight. We were pretty far from the stage, but when they called her name as being in the top 5, we all went berserk! She ended up placing 2nd runner up! Not too shabby for a tomboy from TN!

I also notice that "tampons", "asprin" and "heating pad" were on my list. Must have been expecting a visitor!!

And lastly, this was New Year's in Philadelphia. My friends had just moved up there for a job and I was able to visit them over new years. And, yikes!, once again I notice an important item isn't crossed off...deodarant!

So what do you have a hard time getting rid of?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

These treats would have made it a happy earth day, indeed!
Dirt Cupcakes

Earth Cookies on a Stick

And who doesn't want to look fashionable in these cool earth day shirts from Old Navy

And here's what I did to celebrate earth day:

Some of the 6th grade science teachers went to see the new Disney Earth movie that came out today. We invited our kids to come, too. I guess it's not really cool to go to the movies with your teacher...I only had 1 kid show up.

And this was the cute shirt I ended up with from Old Navy.

Wedding Fun

I'm nowhere near close to needing the ideas in this post, but it sure is fun to dream! The good thing is that I've been in my fair share of weddings...11 that I can think of right now. Not to mention the countless that I've been to. This has allowed me to get some really good ideas and some really BAD ideas!

I love this idea! You've probably seen the trend of having each bridesmaid where a different style dress in the same color, but this is really unique. Each bridesmaid chooses a different color (within the same color scheme). I can't say that I'd be brave enough to actually do that, but it's great!

wedding party alternatives

This is right up my alley! It's a spin off of the children's book, The Jolly Postman, where the book actually has little letters in it. This lady made it for her fiancee who was having a bad week. How cute?!

envelope book

Now, these I WOULD actually use! How clever? Love, love, love!

Save the dates

And this is my favorite! I absolutely love having a shoe that doesn't match your dress at all! My roommate is trying to find shoes for her dress and is having the hardest time, but how easy would this be? Granted I will probably not be able to afford any Manolo Blahniks!

Wedding Shoe idea

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

My top ten list today is crafts that I like and want/will make:

1.Book Cover Art

Using a board book, make a wall hanging.

2. Spring Bling Straws

Dress up an ordinary straw.

3. I Spy Quilt

A new twist on the classic game of I Spy!

4. Personalized Magnet Toy

This would be a great activity to take in the car on a road trip.

5. Block Nativity Set

I've seen cuter versions of this, but I like the idea that kids can play with this nativity set and not worry about breaking the pieces.

6. Button Wreaths

I can see these being used as ornaments, door knob decorations, enhancements on gifts, and so much more. I like the idea of doing monochromatic color schemes too.

7. Magnetic Bookmark

8. Silouette Portraits

9. Movie Ticket Bowl

10. Cereal Box matching game & bookmarks

This was just too cute!!
Muffin Tin Book

Sunday, April 12, 2009


What a beautiful day it was to celebrate Jesus' resurrection! And because of that, we're able to celebrate good times with family.

Today was one of those days.

After a great church service, we all met and mom and dad's for lunch. Good eats.

Then it was time for some easter fun with the kids. After they successfully tore into their easter baskets, it was time for our egg hunt. This is no ordinary egg hunt mind you! Knowing that the kids would get tons of candy and sugar from their parents and other grandparents, I've decided to make the traditional egg hunt not so traditional. In fact, my egg hunts have even landed me here!

The eggs are filled with trinkets that go with an activity to do after the egg hunt. Last year, the eggs had puzzle pieces inside.

This year, I went with Leggo's. Each kids was assigned their own color eggs to hunt.

Once all the eggs were found, it was time to go back inside to open them and begin the fun!
Brooke & Blake got leggo (ok, so they were generic brand!) kits:

Evan got a younger kid's version of leggos using Cookie Monster:

Bo got a Mr. Potato head. I figured it was kinda like leggos...he still had to put pieces together.

The older kids seemed to enjoy their leggos. Evan wasn't too keen on the Cookie Monster. All he really wanted was the horse out of Brooke's kit! (Uh, can you tell he's in a horse phase? Notice the hat and boots in every picture!)

Here are some other random shots from the day:

After all the festivities, Evan and his dad were off to the rodeo:

Hope you had a happy easter!

Girls Night Out #2

A couple of days later, I had my second girls night out!

This time, it was just me, Becky

and Kristen

We met for a delicious dinner at On the Border. So good...and I was able to eat leftovers for dinner tonight!

After dinner, we headed back to Barnes & Noble. We had an hour to kill before our movie and that's when the idea popped into my head!

A photo scavenger hunt! The deal was you had to take pictures of yourself with books that reflect anything about your life. Go check out Becky's! So cute!

So, here's my life in pictures:

This one is a joke because most people know that I hate, despise, loathe, detest cats.

Well, that IS me. It's also a great devotional, by the way.

I do wedding cakes on the side. Go here to see some of my work!

Sometimes, my life feels like I'm in a "Man of the Month Club". I go through spells where it's one blind date after another. Blind dates are NO fun!

Ha! This is kinda funny! I wouldn't say I'm an actual scientist, but I do teach 6th graders so no rocket science there!

I admit...I'm a piano drop-out. I hate that I quit piano lessons.

This is where I grew up.

One of my favorite things to do!

I was in Sigma Nu Sigma in college and they were some of the happiest times in college!

Love, love, love my Macbook!

Then we decided to take some pictures that would apply to all 3 of us:

After that it was finally time for our movie. We saw

What a cute movie! And if you're single, you can TOTALLY relate!!

It was a great time with great friends!

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