Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey Day

We had an interesting Thanksgiving Day. The craziest thing that happened was that at about 11:30 the power goes out! With the stuffing in the oven and other vegetables needing to be cooked. Luckily, my dad deep fries the turkey, so that wasn't affected, except for the fact that he couldn't use the electric knife to carve it, so he had to do it by hand. It came on about 45 minutes later.

We kind of did our Thanksgiving in shifts. Mandi, Pep, and Evan came over for lunch. Then, Matt and his clan came over for dinner.

Here's some pics from the day:

This is my favorite picture! I "borrowed" my niece's hair to see what I would look like with long hair (she's standing behind me)! What do ya think??

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Signs of Life

I've been in my house for, I think, 5 years now, but I still pop in at my parent's house at least once a week. Well, one time not so long ago, I noticed something that I had never noticed before. I'm sure it's always been there, but living in that house, I just never took the time to notice it. I was walking down the stairs one day and it stood out like a red light.

It's kinda hard to see (you might have to tilt your computer screen), but it's handprints. I vividly remember always slapping that part of the ceiling every time I went down the stairs. How funny that I never noticed it until I moved away! So it got me thinking if I had any signs of life in my house. And, lo and behold, I did find something. I have a vanity that was my great-grandmother's that I use everyday to dry my hair and put my make up on. Well, apparently, I rest my toes on the molding of the wall and I guess 5 years of doing that has really left its mark.

(Again, you might have to tilt your computer screen)

Take a look around your house and look for signs of life :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Swap stuff!

There's nothing like coming home from a long day's work and seeing a package waiting for you! That's what happens when you join the Swaparooni group over at flickr. My swap partner Georgia did an awesome job of picking out some really cool stuff that I can't wait to use :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lee U Homecoming

If there's one time in life I could go back to, it would be my time at Lee University. For one, there'd be some things I'd do over (can I get an amen?!). But mainly because I absolutely loved it there. It is a first class school and I met some really special people that will be lifelong friends. Unfortunately, we all live in different states, so we all try to make it to Homecoming. Here's some pictures of that weekend:

Shannon, me, & Lisa

This one's for you, Shannon!

Jaime and I

Lisa and old roomie

April and other roomie

The 3 roomies together again. I love these girls more than they'll know! In the randomness of assigning roommates, I truly believe that God orchestrated our assignment together in the fall of 1999 on Brown Avenue. I remember walking into that apartment not knowing any of them, but instantly we all clicked and it's been history every since! I love you Ape & Lis!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween

This was my first Halloween in about 20 years where I got to experience the age old tradition of trick or treating. You see, up until this year, I was always at church for our annual Pumpkin Patch Party. I really loved it and kind of missed the excitement/hecticness of it all. But I also loved being able to hang out with my family. Mandi had us all over for dinner and the trick or treating experience of Evan. He was a zebra.

I love how he looks from the back.

I, of course, love dressing up...for any occasion. But I love that there's a whole day devoted to dressing up! Can you guess what I am??
"Go Ceilings! Woo-hoo!! Love those Ceilings!!"

A ceiling fan!!

I can't take credit for that one. I got it here.

Matt's clan didn't get to make it, but Tera sent some adorable pics of the kids.

What were you for Halloween??

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